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Translating BrainPad Simulator on Makecode


I found a couple extra spaces in the at #2 and #3 that I removed them, that may have been causing the problem. It may take a minute to refresh at Crowdin, we’ll see if that’s actually the issue.


Thank you for following up on this problem.
When this is resolved, if you agree, I would propose BrainPad to two distributors of educational products (STEAM) for French schools:

  • A4 Technologie ( and
  • Techologie Services (
    They could be interressed to complete their catalog since we can offer them a Beginner’s Guide in French and possibly my help.


I spoke with Microsoft today they are going to look at the issue with tutorial themselves. I will let you know what they find as soon as we know.

They also mentioned how happy they are with the work you’ve done on it, as much as we are. Keep it up!


You’re welcome :smiley:


Hello Greg,
#119 issue on Github is still not corrected on crowdin. What does Pelikhan do? Have you any news? When do you plan to put Brainpad on the official Makecode?


Hello Philippe,
Microsoft suggested it was the spacing found inside the tutorial after the ##. It appears that Crowdin doesn’t like this. But there was another issue, once I bump the version on our site to the newest version the old naming conventions wouldn’t work anymore. And the lightbulb tutorial wouldn’t load. had to change the name of the .md file a few times. When I did this the translations in the lightbulb tut needs to be moved to the one named, also the section named is missing its content after their changes.



Hello Phillppe,
Apparently, you won’t even be able to see the newly created .md file unless I bump the latest version, which in turn breaks the tutorial. the file “” isn’t available in Crowdin, So you’ll have to wait until they figure out why it keeps breaking the tutorial when the site builds.


Hello Greg,

I see that on Crowdin.

I will try to translate



All three of those aren’t the current lightbulb tutorial. The current one I had to name Those files were created each time we bumped after the new naming. The current one isn’t showing up because as soon as I bump, it will stop working. I may have to completely remove it and start over with that one. I assume it has to do with their changes on the pxt side, something inside that tut may have been deprecated, it was one of the first we made, and is wrecking havoc. So don’t bother translating the lightbulb until we fix it properly. It’s bit humorous that the tutorial that is giving the most issue at MakeCode is blinking an LED…LOL


What should solve all this, is just re-writing the tut scratch. Which I will do, resubmit and bump until it takes. But there is something inside the simple tut, that pxt doesn’t like.


Like what to flash an LED is not easy.:slight_smile: I look forward to hearing from you before translating.


While waiting for BrainPad correction, I translate Makecode Core.
The translation of the day.

to be continued …


I ordered ten Brainpad at Mouser France today. Only two are available. Six weeks waiting for others.:grimacing:


Sorry, we are getting them out ASAP.

How much was the shipping cost?


We have no shipping cost. :smile:


They should be there much sooner than 6 weeks. We just shipped new batch.


Very good news.


The holidays offer time to translate. :smile: