Transitioning from uALFAT to ALFAT

We have an application that uses the uALFAT USB board. Since these are no longer available I’m trying to determine what will be involved in upgrading to the ALFAT USB board. My primary concern is whether it will drop in to our current PCB. From what I have read it appears to be dimensionally similar and pin-for-pin compatible, is this correct?

I realize some code changes will be required but my main concern is the UART baud rate. The uALFAT defaults to 9600 baud, and we maintained this speed since our application is not high speed. As a result, I did not utilize the RTS/CTS connections on the PCB. (CTS tied to ground, RTS floating.) But according to the manual, the ALFAT defaults to 115k baud. I am concerned about data loss without the handshaking pins. The device communicating with the ALFAT does not have the ability to change baud rates on-the-fly, so I can’t start at 115k and switch to 9600 through software. Is there any other way to force the baud rate to 9600?

Thanks for your help.

The OEM board is drop in replacement, same pinout. The software will require some changes,

You do not have to receive anything from ALFAT at 115200. You can blindly send it the command needed to change the baud rate.