Transfering Images through USB from FEZ Spider and a Camera Module

Hi ,

Could you help me to build a device for ,

Get the Images from Camera Module and transfer these images in to PC using Bluetooth or USB Cable

Please Help Me with this!!
Thanks ,

You have to help us to help you! :smiley:

What you want to achieve can be done. There are code samples on this site which you can stitch together to build what you want.

When you install the GHI SDK, there is a getting started document in the Gadgeteer folder that shows you how to read from a camera and display on LCD. There is a tutorial for using USB Client support to get CDC serial port over the USB, which will allow you to send from the Spider to the PC.

I suggest that you review all the material in the Downloads & Tutorials section of this site, and then ask specific questions as you encounter areas which you don’t understand.

I think that he can also make custom USB Client device which is in windows detected as WEB Cam but I think this will give him a lot of work :slight_smile: