Touch Screen to use

Hi guys

If I take a COBRA + TFT Expansion board, will I be able to connect these
two products : (Touchscreen) (screen)

Do I have to add anything in order to connect them to the COBRA ?


Nicolas, Toulouse, France :slight_smile:

I was looking into this… I was told (and I don’t know if its true) that the PSP screen has a different pin out to the rest of the sharp screens. I’m still trying to find the PSP pinout.

The touch screen should work albeit the connector is in the wrong place.

Cheers Ian

The display will probably work but you need to check datasheets.

Mounting the touch screen on the display is not a very good idea but you can try


I will check the datasheet

I was wondering if the solution you provide was the same or not ?

Just check the price difference (50$ with my solution, 99$ with yours)…
Was just wondering what make a “so huge” price difference between both solutions ?

not sure about prices but when you get something from GHI then you know it was tested to work and there is nothing to worry about.

Answer accepted :slight_smile:

End of question !!!

Thanks for your fast response !!!