Touch screen Rotation not function on G120E, but ok on EMX

Rotating the TE35 touch screen from Rotation.Normal to Rotation.Half works fine with my EMX-based board.
This is not the case with a G120E-based board: There is rotation of the LCD panel, but the touchpad driver is lost, it does not work: the GlideTouch.OnEvent function sends me an interrupt only when I touch the top left corner, with the coordinate [0,0], whereas it should have been something close to [320, 240] with Rotation.Half. When I tap another area of ​​the screen, there is no interruption, as if the coordinate values ​​were negative?
One would say that the screen’s algorithm for rotating on the G120 is not finished, but why is Ok on EMX?
For the same TE35 display, the calibration values ​​for the EMX board are around 800 mv while on the G120E board is about 3100 mv, why this big differnce for same touch screen?
Can you confirm that the rotation is functional on the G120E?
Here is my code:

void btnRot_TapEvent(object sender)
    if (rotation == GHI.Processor.Display.Rotation.Half)
        rotation = GHI.Processor.Display.Rotation.Normal;
        rotation = GHI.Processor.Display.Rotation.Half;

    GHI.Processor.Display.CurrentRotation = rotation;

    if (GHI.Processor.Display.Save())


Thank you

We are able to reproduce the bug on the G120. Unfortunately, given that it is NETMF which has no more releases coming, there will not be a fix.

Hi John,
Thank you for your investigations, I don’t have a software solution and force to me a hardware solution to physically change the display’s receptacle for rotation mode, which is binding!
Thank you