Touch Not working (TE35, G120HDR)

I have been getting into these type of controllers and I love them. I am running into a problem however.

I cannot get touch to work.

I am using a G120HDR 2.0 (Firmware:
I am using a TE35

using System;
using System.Threading;

using Microsoft.SPOT;
using Microsoft.SPOT.Input;

using GHI.Hardware.G120;
using GHI.Glide;
using GHI.Glide.Display;
using GHI.Glide.UI;

namespace DAN_CONTROL
public class Program : Microsoft.SPOT.Application
        static Window window;

        public static void Main()
            Glide.FitToScreen = true;

            window = GlideLoader.LoadWindow(Resources.GetString(Resources.StringResources.Window));



            Glide.MainWindow = window;




      static void initMainWindow()
          // Here attach buttons to tap events

Forgive me but I am not very experienced with this.

I am guessing that GlideTouch.Initialize() doesn’t know that I want to use the “User” socket built into the HDR

I see that GlideTouch has a TouchX and TouchY Field.

Perhaps I need to jump the touch pins to the user? I am looking at the schematic of the HDR on the website, I don’t see where the ‘User’ socket is attached to the pins. (I also bought a G120HDR v1 a while ago, I remember that the user sockets were not attached to anything, I thought user was made a touch socket but I am probably wrong)

Thanks for any help

Yes, you need to make the connections between the User1 (or2) socket and the correct pins on the G120HDR. Only GND, 3.3v and 5v are connected on these connectors.

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The G120 based Cobra2 board has the Touch connector. Look at the schematic for this to work out which pins to connect.

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Excellent, thanks very much for your quick replies :slight_smile: