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Touch Layer Management



I am currently making a tactile keyboard, creating buttons and click it through those 4 buttons of the card is not a problem.
My problem and the management layer of the tactile display, I can not click my buttons via the touch-sensitive layer. Can you help me please.

thank you


Have you seen this


Yes it is from the source code of the demo application that I make the buttons but I do not understand is how to achieve the management touch.
I made some tests, including I copy an existing class in the project to a new class in the same project I add a desktop page but when I run the new class the tactile part does not work anymore

How make this ? thank you


What about this?


Thank you,

But this class is not already existing in the demonstration program?
because the touchscreen works on the office I hold, but not in class that I add.


@ adrien72 the manual touch screen collection shouldn’t be used in conjunction with the GHI or MS samples; they will interfere with each other.