Total sleep and wakeup on wire or timer

Hi guys, here is the next challenge.

I have a really power-sensitive system, which only needs to be active a few times a day, (to call the server and report some stuff), and else only wake up on a specific set of timers.

The rest of the time, it should be using as close to 0 amps as possible.

I have seen some timer gymnastics, but none to wake up the system from off.

And I have seen some interrupt pins used, but none to wake it up from off.

Should I have a microduiono or some other small board with limited capabilites to control the relay to the mother-board and just turn it on, or do you have more elegant solutions?

Thanks :think:

What board?

I use a seperate processor to control a voltage regulator with a enable pin. Something like this

I use hibernate for when I need fast boot and or maintaining pin states.

The timer alarm as wakeup from sleep or deep sleep? seen some things before here on the forum as a workaround.

The RTC alarm doesn’t seem work on the G120.

I hoped for general input, to be used on Cobra II or Spider. Most probably Cobra II.

Hmm, cant seem to find…can you find the link?

Does not “seem” to work, any other experiences, hagster is one of the heavy guys, so if it does not work for him, I am afraid its broken :wink:

Looking at this, it seems it would be a really cool addition to a new power module with some low power features, does that make sense?

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[quote=“njbuch”]Looking at this, it seems it would be a really cool addition to a new power module with some low power features, does that make sense?

It would be much better if the Low Power modes worked properly in the software. Currently I think the CPU is still running at full speed even when no threads are running. The chip has a really simple CPU Clock rate divider register specifically for this sort of this thing.

Can anyone explain why this has not been implemented or not supported?

Time and effort. It takes a lot of testing to make sure it’s reliable under all possible uses I guess.

Hmm, I am still note sure how to minimize power usage for a setup (turn off), and then based on a timer (might be external) wake up the system.

Or based on a signal from a remote sensor wake up the system.

Any hints on this?

The system should check the state of a few sensors based on a timer, alert via SMS in case of problems, and then turn off again. We are talking maybe 2 times per day. And it will be on for about 1-5 minutes.

There is an alarm on one of sensors, that should trigger in immediate startup, where an important SMS should be sent.

I would prefer to use the Cerberus, for the prototype it might be a Spider or Cobra II board in case that changes anything…