Top view of SBC boards

I don’t know if I missed it, but is there any top view available for the SBC boards. Just to easily locate the pins function ?
If I remember well, it was available for the TinyClr 1 Fez
something like

Currently we only have photographs located on the website here.

But with the Duino image in particular, some of the pin names on the screen aren’t visible in the actual photograph.

Yes, I saw those. I have the schematics but once you have something plugged in on the board, identifying the pin is not always easy (especially when you start to become old :)…
Not critical of course but it may be handy

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I have my next task… :smiley:


Here is the FEZ Duino Pinout. It will be located in docs once we push the new changes.


Would it be worth while to add the special pin assignments for the board? For example, Wi-Fi and user LED.

Also, in lower left of bottom holes, you have RX and TX on 5V and GND?

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Thanks Mike, I fixed the RX and TX, will work to add the other items tomorrow.


Perfect !
Thanks Greg

at last but not at last
please make fritzing version of those boards

FezDuino / Feather / Sticks

and those can be master piece part

I think this should be up to the community to make.

never heard about fritzing but just had a quick look, seems pretty cool stuff

it is cool stuff and good to simplifying things and explanation about board and sensors visually how to connect them
(also you could design pcb board from this too) like picture (to show how to connect blink)


I added the User LED, Buttons and WIFI pins. I also added the GHI and FEZ logo… :sunglasses:


Perfect. detail, it still shows rev A

The funny thing is the top one says REV B…LOL. Will fix in docs.

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Docs has been updated and it is live now…enjoy!