Too many "unanswered" threads

A lot of question threads have good answers, but never marked as answered. May be somebody from GHI, as a final authority, should choose the most accurate/complete answer and mark the threads. The author of the thread should still be able to adjust that.

Will keep things in order.

We have thought about giving high ranked members the ability to do this.

I think that’s a good idea. No reason for us to burden GHI with this.

Perhaps an alternative would be for all members to be able to mark a response as the best answer and after some amount of time the post automatically closes and the best answer becomes the official answer that is rewarded points. This would also stop the problem with people re-opening really old posts. Obviously, something like this takes more effort on GHI’s behalf to implement and we’d rather them work on other things :slight_smile:

It would be nice for the “Unanswered Questions” list to be meaningful, though.

Heros and above should be able to select answers now.

Unmarking your own answer substructs points marking back as an answer is not adding.

Marking you own posting as an answer seems to me to an abuse of power! :slight_smile: Or maybe a conflict of interest? :slight_smile:

Fine, but it should not subtract if you unmark it, right? :slight_smile:

No one should be able to select their own answer. Others will.

I guess Architect doesn’t get to play this game, since most of the answers will be his :wink:

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I was just testing, that is why I have marked and then unmarked it right away. I think you shouldn’t be able to mark/unmark your own posts.

Can we aslo have ability changing a thread from question to a regular thread?

And versa vice?

That would be Gus, not me. :wink:

I need points to prepare for holidays you know :slight_smile:

You can only select answers IF

(You’re the topic owner OR a Hero or better) AND the post is not your own.


This thread keeps appearing in my Unread threads even though it is read (Shows up as a different colour). Just wondering if it is supposed to do that.


Click the “Mark as Read” link in the top left.

Ta looks embarrassed