TinyCLR v1 not deploying to T18

I’m probably a doofus, but something borked since I last tried this in July. I’m trying to load a simple Blinky program, and Visual Studio reports “There were not enough space totaling 0 bytes for assembly: 85364.” In July I still loaded and executed code successfully with VS2019.
TinyCLRConfig reports Core version and Device Version: I clicked ‘Erase App’ to ensure that memory is empty. Is there some log that can help me figure out why Visual Studio won’t deply (it seems to connect fine - it says that Debugger engine is attached).
Thanks for any help - I don’t want to waste my T18s.

Wrong type of project?

Please show specific output messages.

Hi, TinyCLR Visual Studio extension (VSIX) is automatically updated to TinyCLR v2. Please reinstall the extension for V 1 und uncheck the checkbox for automatic update.

Thank you, @RoSchmi. Your suggestion solved the problem. Much appreciated!

huge thanks. will try myself