TinyCLR OS Sixth Release: Adding FEZ Spider, FEZ Panda, EMX, G120, USBizi, and Embedded Master

cool i thing from next version is time to start (this is my opinion maybe I’m wrong)

porting drivers to TinyCLR most used Arduino displays

  • SSD3306 (i mean this i ported)
  • LCD 1602 I2C
  • Nokia 551
  • ST7735
  • ILI9341

- different ethernet/wifi

  • ENC28j60
  • Wiz5100
  • ESP8266

all cheap display/shields/sensors which are used for arduino too (in most things we need 3.3v devices)

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Those are all easy things we (as a community) can do. Let the team focus on the major things, like support Cortex-M7 for example :wink: Or optimize the core to run on Cortex-M0!