TinyCLR OS Register Access for STM32F427 (Quail)

Is there now or planned a TinyCLR OS Register Class for the STM32F427 used on the Quail board? Christophe has done an excellent job porting NETMF 4.4 over but there is no way to access the registers like with the GHI.OSHW.Hardware.LowLevel classes for NETMF 4.3 on the STM32F405.

@ B5 Fan - Take a look at the Marshal class. It has functions to read and write memory.

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@ B5 Fan - The answer is yes it is there as John said. But I want to say that it is actually really easy to add your own methods to do whatever you want. Building TinyCLR OS is much easier than building NETMF.

That worked. Thanks. Will you be adding this to TinyCLR OS in the future so we don’t have to do it in managed code?

I’m beginning to understand this. It’s not about RLP, you can just compile the entire framework over and add things that you need; about as easily.

@ B5 Fan - I’m not sure what you’re asking. The Marshal class is a more general and complete replacement for the old Register class we had in NETMF.

You’re right. I was confused as I wrote my own Register class to match my existing code and now just need to move and replace the code with the Marshal class.