TinyCLR OS - latest dev branch - why do not work without debug mode

I have question why TinyCLR work only on debug mode ?

if i’m not on debug mode it do not run or
is not used GHIElectronics.TinyCLR.Config.exe

application stand alone do not work - or i am wrong something !!!

Do you mean when you build the firmware or the managed application?

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managed app work only on debug not on release
if i deploy blink not work (do not start)
if i debug blink it work it start

How can see try this on our end?

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very simple

create an blink an run on debug mode

  • if blink this is ok(this work on my side)

  • close visual studio,

  • remove power from board,

  • plug power on board (it need to start by default but there nothing happen - blink need to work too also without visual studio )

if i connect Ghielectronics.Tinyclr.config.exe it work in same way as debug (if i disconect it do not work)

tested Electron with G30 source.(latest dev branch)

The dev branch is really unstable right now, though we will make a note to take a look into this. Unfortunately we don’t have a fix off hand. Working with the master branch is the best bet.

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