TinyCLR OS and windows 7

I have uppdated one of my boards to:

bootloader 2.0.4
firwmware 1.0.0 preview ( tried 0.12a too)

But have no success in connecting to the board through the USB debug interface.

Device shows up in windows as G120 (which it is, and that’s the firmware i’ve loaded) but driver is shown as unknown.
I have tried to googled the issue and gets pointers to installing netmf driver with alternate UID, i can’t find a separate driver package for this driver though and SDK installation fails (reported separately)

Are you unable to get it to show up in bootloader mode or once the TinyCLR firmware is loaded?

I am also having the same problem. I have the newest TinyCLR firmware on a Cobra III board and it works fine on a Windows 10 computer. On the Windows 7 machine it comes up under other device. I have also tried with changing the UID and it still does not work

Can you try to uninstall the device from the device manager, deleting the driver files if prompted, then reconnecting the device?

I have tried that numerous times with the same result. I can uninstall the device from the device manager, it does not ask to delete the driver since there is no driver installed for the device. When I plug the device back in, it still shows up under Other Device with no driver loaded.

Thanks for the reply!
I have tried most of the usual. Dissconnecting/reconnecting. Reinstalling bootloader/firmware, reinstalling USB drivers etc.
Gave up after half a day and got a computer with win10, With win10 it works “out of the box”

Has this Windows 7 computer used NETMF before? Is it running the latest service packs and updates?

My computer did have NETMF on it before. It has been uninstalled for awhile. I double checked last night and there are no remaining drivers for NETMF on the PC that I can see.

Sorry did not read the whole response. It does have all the latest service packs and updates

Yes it has been running netmf before. Installation from 2014. When trying to get this working i have reinstalled latest SDK package, specifically to get USB drivers

Is the computer connected to the internet? It needs to be able to get to Windows update to find part of the driver. Is the firewall blocking anything? Have the default driver install settings been changed, perhaps by corporate group policy?