TinyCLR OS 2.2 Preview

Originally published at: TinyCLR OS 2.2 Preview – GHI Electronics

Welcome to the next release of TinyCLR OS 2.2. We are sharing the preview today with RC and RTW coming in the few weeks after.

Added Features Include:

  • USB Client Mass Storage for QSPI, SD, and USB thumb drive. Now you can connect your SC20xxx SITCore device to your computer and swap files like you would any other mass storage client. 
  • CPU usage statistics have been added and can measures between 0 and 100%.
  • SITCore now supports I2C slaves.
  • Gauge and chart have been added to the UI library, thanks to user “mifmasterz”!

See release notes for full details on all the new features and bug fixes.

Release Notes

Is there documentation ready for this already?? :smiley:

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Docs have been updated with the new features.

I would suggest USB-Client and USB-Host have separate entries in the Tutorials menu list. Currently, it appears the only way to get to those is thru the inline links on the USB menu.

I think I have a lot longer boot times of my existing software on this new preview…

Is there something changed regarding network link or something like that? This caused longer boot times in the past.

I’ll be able to investigate this in more detail soon, just checking in if anything changed here :slight_smile:

Are you talking about network?

Device boot time has no change. Around 500ms or less.

If network then yes. It is about 3-4 seconds timeout to wait check cable connect to do auto negotiation.

Less than that then we had an issue with ethernet direct mode.

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Is there a way you could make this optional?

We may add field AutoNegotiation, but wait for us to discuss internally.

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The PHY we are using doesn’t have any register to read cable status directly. We are using bit 0 (Link status) of status register. As few tests with hub, direct pc… this bit takes ~1.5 second to be valid after a reset.

We think the proper way is, we will reduce from 4 seconds to 2 seconds (for safe, instead of 1.5 seconds)

Adding one more field cost a lot of work for now. Timeout ~2 is not bad if the cable is not connected.

Let us know if that is OK to you.

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Yes, that would work. When is the next preview coming out? :slight_smile:

Where is StreamWriter and StreamReader moved to?

|Error|CS0246|The type or namespace name ‘StreamWriter’ could not be found (are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference?)|Variables|C:\tinyclr\Port\Variables\Variables.cs|141|Active|

We’re testing… hope soon

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I see it is in TinyCLR.IO asm, namespace System.IO. We didn’t touch any on this. it should be there from very begin of TinyCLR.

Must have been an issue with upgrade, removing the package and adding it again solved the errors :+1:

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We are seeing some deployment issues with this new firmware.

After upgrading to the new firmware, we sometimes need to try deploying the software 2 or 3 times with power cycles in between because the SC20 crashes.

It seems to be more or less gone after the first deployment of 2.2 software.

Are you deploying external flash?

Not always