TinyCLR OS 2.1 first preview is here!

Originally published at: https://www.ghielectronics.com/2020/11/03/tinyclr-os-2-1-first-preview-is-here/

The original plan for the remainder of 2020 was to continue improving the 2.0 release; however, it turned out that the 2.0 release was stable and not much needed to be fixed. So, what did we do? We started working on 2.1 and added some serious features. Please see the full release notes.

Release Notes


One of the top new added features is DigitalSignal, which is a non-blocking hardware-backed signal timing API for measuring and analyzing digital signals. It is documented under Signal Control.

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Low Power Mode

Our customers love the amazing performance achieved when using 480Mhz SITCore product line with TinyCLR OS. But for those seeking low power, we now have an option to run the system at 240Mhz, reducing power consumption by 40%.

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Better Performance

Speaking of speed, this release improves performance by almost 20%. What do you need to gain speed? Nothing! Just load the 2.1 firmware.


Congrats. Good to see the progresss. Good stuff!

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Can’t download TinyCLR Config v2.1.0 preview 1

Window10 may block it, you need window 10 allows to download this tool.

Are there instructions on how to convert a 2.0.0 project to 2.1.0.preview1?

If I load the project into VS2019, and go to Nuget packages for the solution, there is no 2.1.0 version to upgrade to?

I managed to update but I had to download the update and create a local directory as there was no online upgrade version.


We do not make previews available on NuGet.org so what you did is the only way.

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Than’ks Dat

Which browser did you use?

@MNO try with SAVE AS right click on link “because on direct click with google chrome on windows do not allow” and when it start download on Chrome select KEEP

I used Chrome. it worked by right clicking on the link and opening in a new window.

step 1 - right click on link

step 2 - Keep


step 3 - sign the installer :slight_smile:

Did you check if it is signed?

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Oh, so apparently that’s not enough these days.