TinyCLR OS 2.0 is Production Ready!

Originally published at: https://www.ghielectronics.com/2020/08/25/tinyclr-os-2-0-is-production-ready/

TinyCLR OS 2.0 is Production Ready!!!

COVID-19 or not, our amazing team has managed to get you the production-ready release of TinyCLR OS 2.0. And if you are on lock-down because of COVID-19, now is the time to grab a SITCore development board and create the next million-dollar project.

ALL SITCore Products have Shipped!!

We have shipped all SITCore products to all our worldwide distributors. Check in with your favorite to see if they are showing stock yet.


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Even before SITCore became publicly available, it became popular that there are many companies with SITCore at its heart today. One of them is a Kickstarter campaign by MikroBus.Net and it is called The Ram!


Congrats GHI ! A major milestone indeed.

I fully understand the effort that must have gone in. I have been working non stop with our teams to move an entire multi million / multi site project to a remote work model.


Great news indeed!

Also, thanks to your flexibility in terms of samples and getting a few chips early I’ve managed to iron out the redesign issues (minus the USB host thing) and have a small production order in the queue at pcbway.com just waiting for the parts to arrive at Mouser.

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amazing! congrats.
thanks for sharing it here.
rackley, have your parts arrived? interested in how’s it going.

Shipment notification received from Mouser this evening. Finally !

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Lucky you … still waiting…

I got a few directly from GHI, but Mouser is still not showing stock - they just pushed back the date to 9/21, although I expect that is automated. My PCB manufacturer is ordering from Mouser though so I need Mouser to process them in stock there… :grimacing: