TinyCLR OS 1.0 Roadmap

As a gift for the holidays, we wanted to share the current roadmap for TinyCLR OS. Of course, this is all subject to change and not a promise, but it’s a good outline of our current goal for a stable, production-ready 1.0 release. Nor does it include the many small improvements and features that will make it in.

v0.7.0 in January

  • Adding CAN to several ports and the library
  • Improving usage of interops
  • More complete pins library

v0.8.0 in February

  • A Cortex-M7 build of the core library
  • Low-level STMicroelectronics WiFi driver
  • FEZ Hydra firmware

v0.9.0 in March

  • A .NET sockets and HTTP library for any interface (including ST’s WiFi)
  • Native driver for SPI displays
  • Additional ports for other third-party devices

v1.0.0 Release Candidate in April
No new features planned for this release. Instead it’ll be a lot of final polish, bug fixing, documentation updates, and publishing in the online galleries. If all goes well, we’re aiming for a final release in May.

While we will continue to support and fix bugs in 1.0, we’re not done there! High on our list for 2.0 are several important features like file system, better and secure networking, in field update, more graphics, and USB host and client. We hope to get as many of these out as we can by the end of 2018.


just do not say v1.0 RC was on APRIL 1st (hope networking even partially will be included on this relese for IoT with ENC28j60 or any Wiz5100,Wiz5200,Wiz 5500…)

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Thank you for the good news and end-of-year celebrations for the GHI Electronics team.:gift::cocktail:


Thanks for that, as thats great news, really want to start on a new project early 2018, so timing might work out well…
Cant wait for v2 though!

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Great news, keep it up!!!
Impatiently awaiting for that networking stack! To start the real IoT and Azure ahhhmm I mean cloud journey :wink:


TinyClr OS v1 for birthday ! What a gift !:gift:
I don’t have time to play with it now but I hope I can in March or April …

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so if we have to use the Internet of Things and require TLS networking we have to wait for TinyCLR OS 2.0 estimated in a year from now ?

Azure is one of the things we test and require before anything else. We have actually made changes to grantee best experience with azure and other high end cloud services.


If you use a device with built on stack, like WiFi and cell module then it is not too far out as listed in the roadmap. If you are taking about the built on stack for Ethernet use then yes it is a year out. Netmf would be the way to go for now.

Note that this is the roadmap as if today and it will be updated monthly with every release.



so we can use WiFi (like ESP8266,ESP 8285 ,CC3000… without problem as you say)

Correct but more details on that when time comes. We understand the importance of secure networking :slight_smile:


unfortunately not possible due to existing issues like memory leak and missing tls support so based on your roadmap it looks like TinyCLR OS starts to be interesting by the end of 2018

Time frame for using Date/Time RealTimeClock?

This is such a small features that we can add whenever we have extra free time. You can also use directly or implement yourself. It shouldn’t be more than a day off work. Just giving options

I can’t see SD or system file in roadmap. Has been it forgotten or it’s planned after v1.0 ?

i belive it was implemented “but did not documented” since we are using some storage …

because of library

using GHIElectronics.TinyCLR.Storage.Streams; !!!

if i’m not wrong (and SD CARD configured throught SPI which are enabled too . but no and file system since it was expected on 2.0)

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We want to plan it later as we may reactor the interface. The roadmap will be updated as we go but today it is what you see.

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Thanks for explanations.

Streams are more Tools for Serial communications but don’t contain yet any SD card or filesystem classes.