TinyCLR or Nano Framework?

So, can we run C# on top of ESP-32 ?


Isn’t it kind of odd to ask a question on this forum that should be posted in the linked forum?

Or is your question if whether TinyCLR can run on the ESP-32? No. Not currently.

One of my current research items is in figuring out of the framework can be compiled for the ESP32 and Photon. The problem that the guys around here has noted, is that porting the Platform Abstraction Layer (PAL) and Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL) are the biggest problems of all.

Not to mention the fact that the ESP32 has 2 cores. This would mean the framework now has to manage thread affinity; which it was never setup to do in the first place.

@ Mr. John Smith - isn’t a single core dedicated for WiFi and the second is for free use?

@ Gus - From what I’ve seen it’s not dedicated, It’s free to use. There is some hardware acceleration for TCP/IP and an SSL stack. It seems that the core is on by default but can be turned off. I don’t have the devices as yet so I can’t confirm this.

@ ianlee74 - I just hoping that GHI would like to port ESP32 as one of their core modules. So they can offer cheaper option for the core modules with Wifi/Bluetooth built-in. They have mastered the PK, so I believe GHI can make this happen :wink: but I don’t know about the business perspective, is it feasible or no. anyway, I always support their effort to build an ‘awesome’ TinyCLR…


Does the ESP32 not run an RTOS like the ESP8266 does? If it does, then it’s not going to be anything like a straightforward port.

Yeah, something like FreeRTOS and kind of, this seems all to be in a state of flux for the ESP32 …

The device can also be programmed like an Arduino, so the OS isn’t that necessary.

You can’t not run the RTOS (at least, not easily). The RTOS is required in order for the radio functionality to work. When you program it with the Arduino setup, you’re running the Arduino stuff over the top of the RTOS.