TinyCLR on Cobera 3


I just recieved my cobera 3 and i wanted to try out TinyCLR, however i am kind of stuck on how to install the new bootload/firmware. i was wondering is the a guide somewhere i can forlow?

If your refering to:
"This release also includes the firmware for the G120 and G120E. Because the current GHI bootloader on the G120 expects to load TinyBooter, we have provided a second stage bootloader with this preview that you must deploy using the existing GHI bootloader as if you were deploying TinyBooter. Once it is deployed and you restart the device, you’ll notice that it starts our newer GHI bootloader 2.0. You can then use this second bootloader to deploy the TinyCLR OS firmware. Asserting LDR0 will enter the second bootloader while asserting both LDR0 and LDR1 will enter the original bootloader and allow you to return to NETMF.

After flashing the firmware the first time, Windows may still use the old NETMF USB IDs preventing the device from being seen by TinyCLR. Uninstall the device from the Device Manager and reinstall it to fix it. To update the firmware on pre-Windows 10 machines, you will need the bootloader drivers provided by our existing 2016 R1 NETMF SDK."

then i am still confused, what is TinyBooter and where can i find it. and how do you install that? becouse all i et in the package is : G120 Bootloader.2.0.2.ghi and G120 Firmware.0.3.0.ghi

This will all be cleared up once we reach beta. These previews charge constantly and recommended for advanced users. But real quick, the is no tinybooter on TinyCLR but there is a secondary loader.