TinyCLR Mount to PC as Mass Storage Device

Is there a way to mount a SITCore board to a PC as a Mass Storage Device?

I got confused looking at NETMF tutorial page, where it describes the process: USB Client

My scenario is the same as described there, logging data, need to connect to PC and have user grab files. You docs don’t make a clear distinction whether you’re on a NETMF or TinyCLR page.

This is a must-have for my application since it’s dependent on an Android app to grab the data from a mounted device using an OTG connector. It’s not possible to use some serial data transfer.

You have some tutorials for joystick, mouse, keyboard on this page USB Client
but those don’t have much value.

Micropython uses this method and there is no debug interface but at least you have mass storage. If
TinyCLR can’t do it then unfortunately I’ll have to fall back to Micropython.

Thanks, Tom

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Not currently supported.

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I’m porting a NETMF application to TinyCLR and stumble into the same issue as above, is this function planned? The USB client exposing the SD card to the engineer is the basis access path to get logged data and update these devices.


Planned but not prioritized. Please reach out to us directly to discuss options.