TinyCLR Forum Client

After a bit of a break I got back to work on the NETMF client for the TinyCLR forum.

This client works as both a stand-alone and Pyxis 2 app.

I’ve got it so you can login, see items flagged as “new”, read posts, and view attached images.

Once I get the Posts done I’ll upload to Code.TinyCLR.com and the Pyxis 2 App Market 8)

Looks awesome! Thanks!

Love the “tiny” forum

Could you elaborate on what stand alone requires to run?

It’s always fun for me to check what you are doing skewworks :wink:

@ Eric,

The stand alone only requires a board w/ Ethernet access. I cannibalized Pyxis and took just what was needed to run the components used and threw it into a new project. The TinyCLRForum client is capable of running without the aid of Pyxis and helps show how to take pieces out of Pyxis for use in your own projects.

Nice work Skewworks. My only concern is the parsing of the AJAX page’s CSS. These may change down the road. How come you didn’t use the API to parse the XML?

I manually parse so that I could login and get “unread” messages. Does the API return those if logged in?

It doesn’t, but this is something valuable that needs to be added. This is why I wished you mentioned it rather, sometimes I overlook things :wink:

Sorry, no worries though my client still needs more work so when your API is updated I’ll just go back and update the client as well :slight_smile:

Oh and hey, did I mention I’m currently writing a WebPage control that can fully parse HTML? 8)

Good deal. WebPage Control huh? Now’s your chance to show us how compliant you can be! :o

:smiley: Compliance! There needs to be a ROLF emote here :whistle:

I’ll do the best I can w/ NETMF.