TinyCLR Firmware download links broken?

Can’t seem to be able to download any of the firmware versions for any of the the regular boards (for example spider II - G120) listed in the documentation section?

FEZ and CERB are there, the rest aren’t.

We are updating all pages and links. Wich page are you referring to?

Turned out we have all bad links on the new downloads page.

I have them fixed here
and we will update the live docs on Monday
(think link will disappear on Monday)

Under docs.ghielectronics etc etc, go to the page that has all of the firmwares for the various boards on the one page, only one or two of the firmware file links work, most don’t. Try the g120 files, netduino didn’t work, etc. Fez and fez cerb? worked… The boot loader links in the text on the docs pages didn’t work either… thanks Gus!

Thanks Gus, is there a working link to the v2 boot loader file? Can’t find it on GitHub, the docs.ghibpage links aren’t working… trying to install v2 in a g120 spider 2…

Always get what you need from the product page http://docs.ghielectronics.com/hardware/products/g120.html

However, we have not uploaded the new Bootloader 2.0.3 yet. Here is 2.0.2

and here is the old firmware http://files.ghielectronics.com/downloads/TinyCLR/Firmware/G120/G120%20Firmware.0.4.0.ghi

Important: You need TinyCLR 0.4.0.

Note that this is an not the latest 0.5.0 so you may have some issue, but it is a good place to get familiar with TinyCLR. We will skip 0.5.0 for G120 and you will need 0.6.0 that adds a lot of updates and improvements. It is coming in a couple of weeks.

Merci Gus, that’s great!