TinyCLR feature- Device Updates- for G120- rough time estimate?

Thanks for adding G120 to TinyCLR. Is there any time estimate on adding the Device Update feature? Next month, next 90 days, next year? We can’t even consider moving from NetMF v4.3 to TinyCLR until we’re sure that feature is there and solid.

Too early to tell. Still, I recommend you start testing TinyCLR now. At this stage your feedback will help us in making changes. At some point, TinyCLR will be locked in and no changes will be made.

So for commercial designs you are recommending proactive compatibility testing in advance of the 1.0 release? (After 1.0 I am assuming you’ve got API’s locked down so there will be less chance of breaking changes?)

Thanks, Gus, I appreciate your honesty, and your invitation.

Even before 1.0. we have to start locking things down very soon, if not now. Ideally no major changes when we hit beta, which is very soon.

Before you completely lock it down :slight_smile:

SPI Slave was missing from NETMF (would be useful for synchronizing multiple processors in the same board design or enclosure)

So was I2S audio sampling / output. It’s supported on a lot of STM32F** processors. With Internet of Things destined to be voice heavy, having audio sampling capability would probably be a good thing.

Besides everyone loves talking robots.

Thank you GHI guys for your effort in TinyCLR. I suppose this is a future in embedded world.

According my opinion based on rich experiences from commercial products(use GHI devices) Device Update or InFieldUpdate(known from GHI products) is absolutely the must for TinyCLR if used in future commercial applications. We all know that users( = customers) always need some changes, new features etc. and devices are very often located far away from the customers office so remote update is needed here(application and also firmware).
Then we would like:

  • reliable and secure networking
  • possibility to read/write data on SD - file system
  • possibility to easy expand some functions by USB host - customers very often need to add e.g. another serial port during product life time(very easy e.g. by USB to RS232 converter on current GHI NETMF through USB host)

I know this is a lot of work but these things are really needed for successful future products based on GHI TinyCLR.

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Some STM MCU’s (e.g. STM32F423) also have hardware AES encryption, that’d be a good feature to bring out. Accessing the AHB2 bus would require RLP code and not tie in to the framework unless it was built in to the framework, right? Would be neat to tie the framework directly in to that functionality if it exists on the MCU that it is running on. As the Internet of Things progresses, secure communications and storage will be a big thing.


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If G120 goes end-of-life, replacement requires TinyCLR, and features I need are not there, I need to be planning ahead for that. You suggest helping with TinyCLR testing. I’ll ask for time to do that. Because, GHI has been very, very, good to me. New features are good, as well, to take advantage of increasing microcontroller capabilities. As mhstr says, in-field update is a key component.

You are in good hands, watch this please

Gus, I watched the video, thank you. I will ask my management for time to test TinyCLR now, before it is a commercial product, so that I can be ready when that happens.

These are exact the things that I am missing as well at the moment.
I am looking every day if a new preview came out.
The current preview is almost 2 months old.

I am using the FEZ Panda III, great board though it should have a network adaptor on board.

We have supper for your Panda II today and there is a post from the community about a driver for wiznet Ethernet that I saw a few days ago on this forum.

So what are you waiting for? :nerd: