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TinyCLR -> Ethernet



I have heard/read that ethernet is possibly in the works for TinyCLR but may be awhile.

I have a “crazy” question as I don’t really know the details of either TinyCLR or netmf but,
Is it possible to do a project in TinyCLR and bring in the ethernet component of netmf easily?

I wouldn’t want to change any source code, just is there a way to reference the netmf ethernet
from TinyCLR?? I know this wouldn’t be pretty or efficient but just need some way to make it work
if possible…



Why not use this for now?

You can add any native code you like to the “very portable” TinyCLR if you are up for a challange since TCP/IP is not a small one.

Of course most of our devices support both NETMF and TinyCLR so you can start with NETMF if you like.