TinyCLR Config v2.2.2.1000 Serial Port Problems?

Has anyone else had problems updating firmware (or connecting to the loader) over the serial port with TinyCLR Config v2.2.2.1000?

It is normally the first thing I do with new modules, but with the latest update I just can’t get a connection. When I connect to the serial port with TeraTerm the output looks good, and I can access the normal loader commands from there, but TinyCLR Config seems to be struggling.

If I change the link so it uses USB I can connect to the virtual COM port which works correctly, so I’m not stuck and can update firmware and software that way, but it seems a bit strange!

Unfortunately, I was able to reproduce the issue :frowning:

and… fixed


Thanks for confirming and fixing :slight_smile:

On a different but related issue, still concerning TinyCLR Config…
When it programs the firmware (or app), what verification is done?
Is there an immediate readback of the data written, or is there a verification pass after writing all the code? And could you add a separate verification pass option to TinyCLR Config?

The reason I’m asking that I’m currently trying to recover a couple of modules that suffered from the chip-popping reflow. I have one where the firmware appears to be programmed correctly with TinyCLR Config, but then it hangs at the the “reconnect” stage. Or sometimes it will reconnect as SC20260, but hang at the app programming stage.
I’d like to be able to verify that the flash is programmed correctly, is readable, etc, before moving on to check the RAM chip.

Or perhaps you have other tools/methods you use for this in manufacture that could be made available?

Try to disconnect and reconnect the board. Most of the case user don’t need to do that, but sometime usb communicate is not good between PC and device.

If you see SC20260 in TinyCLR Config, means firmware is programmed correctly. Bootloader does check firmware and only valid firmware can run.

Check app program, make sure it is compatible to the firmware, make sure the configuration match to the app, example, the app requires enable external flash, ram, because updating firmware will clear these flags.