TinyCLR Community IRC Channel

Hi all,

After I’ve spoken with Gus and got his ok, I started an IRC channel where we all can meet and provide support to each-other.

Channel details:
server: irc.freenode.net
port: 6667
channel: #TinyCLR

What do you need to connect:

  1. if you’re not fond of installing another piece of software on your pc, you can use the webclient: http://webchat.freenode.net
  2. or you can download an IRC client (such as HydraIRC: http://www.hydrairc.com )

I hope to see a lot of people there, so we can keep the channel open and add extra functionality to give even better support.

Go on and login, what are you waiting for ?


People that already popped in:
Gus, Architect, IanLee, Taylorza, Brett, Auspoundy

(excuse me if i forgot someone)

The TinyClr channel has a bot now that provides the following functionalities:

[em]Catalog - Search the catalog for products. Type “:catalog ?” for help.
CodeShare - Searches the codeshare site, type “:codeshare ?” for help
Commands - Add custom commands that return strings or links. Type “:commands ?” for help
Help - The TinyClrBot Help plugin
Seen - Seen will show you when a user was last seen in this channel. Type “:seen ?” for help
Tell - Tell allows you to leave a message for a user. Type “:tell ?” for help[/em]

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Maybe make this thread a sticky one?

It is sticky. Lets see how many users actually use IRC.

Just joined the IRC, and that is saying something because I never ever join these kinds of things. Currently getting to know EriSan500 better, come join the party :slight_smile:

Eric is the King of the chat channel. I don’t remember time when he is not there.

Unfortunately, it was not fun to always have to talk to myself :slight_smile:

I hope to see more people in #TinyCLR :wink:

It’s not marked as a sticky here.

Nice to chat to you over there Erisan - enjoy the F1

I’m on it

So, where is everybody??

I’ve checked it out once, but not a big fan of IRC anymore. Do you see a lot of questions there?

Not many people are in the IRC channel besides me, godefroi, auspaundy, sven1994 and robin, so no, not many questions pop up there.

Pitty though, as you can have some nice and constructive live chats over there…

Ok, unless people start popping into the IRC channel, I’ll abandon this by the end of the week due to the lack of interest.

The webbased chat here wasn’t a great success either. Maybe we should focus on facebook or google+.

I vote for G+ for the Hangout video capability.

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Do we really need such kind of thing? I mean… most of people came here on the TINYCLR forum to first have an answer to a question and helps in solving issues… I believe that forums such as this one is of particular interest since the help provided to a user is also shared for other users that can have the same situation. On IRC is there any history saved for futur uses?

Yes, everything is logged, and I was planning to make the logs publicly available.
But anyway, if there is no interest, there’s no need for me to continue the IRC channel.

The fact is that may be people do not know that it exists or what could be the add value of the chat vs the forum. Moreover the IRC seems to have started at the same time than the new version of the forum and maybe this was too many changes.

The IRC announcement was a sticky here (that seems to be removed for some reason), and regarding the added value, I was under the impression that when you have a possibility to talk LIVE to each-other (both in private and group) it would be more fun/productive to solve your problems/discuss your ideas. A forum does not provide live talks, it’s always delayed.
I also developed a IRC bot, that offers some nice functionality and can be thought new commands without changing code. Go check it out for yourself.

Not true, the IRC was started some time after.

I think there should be a chat, mostly its a good and easy way to collaborate, and to air your thoughts and frustrations.

I would be really sad to see it go, but it is to be put down, I wote for a G+ Room.

Both erisan500 and I have exchanged more ideérs through the chat and IRC.

And therefore I believe the community loses something valuable and productive.

But the value would be even greater if more from the community would contribute and join the disscussions.

Just take a look at the SparkFun irc channel, there are so many active people there, and there are formed friendship based on same interests, and the value of attending there is unmatched compared to forums.

I personally hate the use of forums, 1. its not at all personal and 2. you dont really form friendships through forums.

Just my opinions.