TinyCLR Chat

We now have chat. I’ll be idling in there today so you can talk to me if you like.


I’m here!

OK now that we have Chat available. we are discussing what should go on the chat and what are the chat rooms.

The main issues we see is that we do not want users to stop using the forum. This forum is a large database of great info that we all can benefit from. Our support will not be available on the chat and we encourage you to still post your questions here. Now, in some cases, a user maybe having a strange problem and it would benefit if we can chat one-on-one with the user. In this case, we will request the user to go to one of the chat rooms to help him live.

Finally, what rooms should we have? Give us a list of chat rooms. We want the list minimal, maybe only 3 or 4 so users are not scattered everywhere.

For example:
Chat with an expert (-date/time-)
Step me through it
Non-English Speakers

Are these okay? Good? Bad?


I like the idea of all of the rooms except for “Non-English Speakers”. The only reason I don’t really think that is a good idea is because if someone is using a FEZ, we can pretty much assume they know English well enough to chat. Also, it doesn’t specify any particular language, so you might have one guy talking in French and one guy talking in Spanish. There will obviously be a disconnect there, whereas if they just talked in the English chat they would be speaking a common language.

i am here too - for a bit :wink:

this chat stuff is fun, thanks for looking at the smileys Josh 8)

trying again. :-[

Another smile here :o

Chris, someone may know little English and can barely make it through the documentation. It will be nice if 2 developers can have a nice chat in their own language about FEZ.

Anyone else think this is good or bad idea?

I think in that case it might be better to have a non-English forum.

I am not sure this is needed. When you post/email, you have time to think and maybe use a dictionary. When you chat you have no time to do that.

Anyway, it is just an idea and I would like to hear some more from other users especially international users.

For me it’s ok to use english.

When you start a specific language forum , you must have a moderator for this forum.
And the moderator must speak this language.

And which language you think about? French , Japanese , Korean , German?

Is it possible to display specific language signs (I can try 한국어 and maybe some 山)

I my opinion , english is enough.

I’m really happy with the chat right now. It works perfectly and it allows the users to get to know each other in a very informal setting. So yeah, GHI does good again! :clap:

I as non-English speaking person (dutch), also think that the “Non-English corner” is not a good idea. When some people what to chat in there native language the can always open an private box.

Please do NOT add a non-english chatroom. The idea is good, the practice is not. :stuck_out_tongue:

Auto scrolling is not working in google chrome. Need to manually scroll downwards to see the last messages.

I use chrome and it is working fine for me!

No issues in any of my browsers. We even had a guy with Chrome saying it worked.

There is a button that enables auto-scroll to the end of conversation

Scroll is perfect for me on FireFox and I think Gus uses Chrome.

Tested on iphone - scroll works

–only if we could scale down the text size, seems to restore with each message

Found it. When you see the arrows it’s OFF and not on. Kind of confusing? ::slight_smile: