TinyCLR BitBang Delay

I’m trying to bit bang to a device but I need to have a delay that is less than 1 millisecond. Any any suggestions?

tell us about the device.
Honestly, precision down around 1ms is outside the realm of managed software.

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I’m using it to monitor changes in a high voltage circuit inductive antenna. We’re upgrading the main board and wanted to use TinyCLR directly, but looks like we’re going to need to have a subprocessor.

Have a look at this, it’s for generating signals.

Thanks LucaP

I was just looking into that… Worth a shot. :slight_smile:

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ok, so if all you really need in that application is a precise waveform, you’re not trying to read back data from a chip whose timing is “unique”, then the signal generator option Luca has pointed out will probably be exactly what you need then !

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