TinyCLR binary file security


Is/Will there be a method for protecting TinyCLR files loaded to a board to make it harder to reverse engineer?

If you have any suggestions or questions please let me know…Thanks


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This is one of the most requested features and will definitely look into it but it is still too early to talk about this.

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Obfuscation should work. I haven’t tried it on TinyCLR but is very effective for desktop .NET app.

Thanks for putting it on the to do list.

Thanks wdlyons for the reply.
I had been considering obfuscation so think I will just go a head and try it.

I’ve been thinking about this as well, as some of the work I’m doing would be good to protect (and potentially required by clients).

The route I was looking in to was storing nothing on the internal memory except a loader and then pulling the code off of a separate code-protected module. But that is complex, makes debugging potentially a pain, and of course increases boot time substantially.

Having code protect features within the framework itself would be a welcome addition. However I suspect this would rely heavily on hardware as well?

I tried obfuscating with RedGate smart assembly and it refused to process a tinyclr assembly,
I have sent in a question to redgate about this, waiting to hear back.

Thanks for the input trent1098s
I was mulling over if adding “self-destruct” code in the release version is possible that would over write as much as possible of the program in memory if say a photo eye detected the enclosure was opened to access the USB port and power was applied. I have to hook up any way to load/develop/debug so would not be that big of deal to reload the program and jumper out what ever the kill input is. I suppose someone intent on sucking out the code and knowledgeable of electronics would be suspicious of photo eyes or cover switches.

Thanks for the reply wdlyons
Bummer on RedGate not working. It will be a few months before I actually need to try different obfuscating solutions myself but am gathering ideas and info until then.