Tinyclr and firmware

Ihave clean windows 7 computer i want to start using tinyclr instead of mnet4.4…

Is the tinyclr a superset of mnet 4.4?

Does tinyclr support all functions i’m using with mnet?

I downloaded the tinyclr zip…how do i apply the new firmeware to my existing hardware?

The answer is long and complicated. I suggest you start by reading the official news announcements. They cover all details.

In short, TinyCLR is the future and you will probably use it sooner or later :slight_smile: so you are in the right track.

@ Gus - thanks Gus

How do i flash the firmware on g120 device?

I have version of bootloader of 1.01…do i need to update the bootloader?

When i try to load the g120 fimrware from the latest tinyclr…i get file too large?

I used the 1kOption with terra term

You need to load the new boot loader first then use that. Both loaders will live on your device for now. And both use X to load.

How do i do that…can’t find any instructions on this.

thanks in advance

@ anthonys - Here, you can find useful instructions: [url]https://www.ghielectronics.com/community/forum/topic?id=24297&page=1#msg225257[/url]