TinyCLR 2 glide port

Dear GHI team,

Today I got a critical problem, I put some textfile (.txt) in the app resources, then when I tried to load the data with Resources.GetString, I only got the first 144 characters only. How to solve this problem?

The good news is now I can run Glide without problem in TinyCLR preview 5.


Email us the text file so we can try on our end please. Support@ghielec…

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@Gus_Issa sorry, I think the problem is came from the xml parser. So, everything is okay :smiley:
another demo:


@mifmasterz Do you plan a nuget ?

Very nice. Did you pull the XML parser from netmf?

Yes @Gus_Issa, I think there is two xml libraries, which one is better?

You can start to try the demo on GitHub - Gravicode/GlideTinyCLR2: This is ported library from GHI Electronics Glide (NETMF) to TinyCLR2, this library is used to create GUI in embedded system but I think GHI should publish the official nuget package for this library.

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There was one that was all C# and then newer one that was a mix of managed and native code. You need the legacy one that is all managed.

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Just looked at your code. Why decompile XML code instead of just getting it from netmf?

Also, why use XML if we have json built in TinyCLR?

Also, why use XML if we have json built in TinyCLR?

We use XML for documents and configuration. JSON is used for the transfer of information from one system to another.

I think it was started from the initiative to port all gadgeteer module drivers to tinyclr, and sometimes I need to decompile older libraries because I didn’t have the source code to figure out how it works, so I took some libraries from there…

When we looked into bringing XML to TinyCLR we didn’t find great benefits. Even glide Windows can be built up using json.

So far, there isn’t a single complain on why we didn’t include XML.

Perhaps because like me, end users just wrote their own parsers.

Thank’s for this work @mifmasterz :+1:

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Seems that the hard work from Mifmasterz was a bit premature. It works and the displays all appear albeit wrong colours but there is some speed issues and lack of invalidation of the elements.

I can build my code and run it and see the screens but the response to buttons is not fluid. Sometimes they don’t appear to draw back to the upstate. There is also a huge delay in touch response. The touch is fast via the driver and I can see this in the debug but the graphics are slow.

I think if we can use the same XML layouts but use the new UI elements to create the buttons, etc, that might be a better way forward.

If anyone wants to grab the source code and have a play, you can find it here. The driver is setup for my 1024x768 LCD but easy enough to make changes to the driver and the XML files.


Do you still remember the good old days…

Now, with tinyclr 2

Tribute to @Skewworks