TinyClr 1 and 2

If I correctly understood, I can’t have TinyClr 1 and 2 at the same time. Is it correct ?
Currently I use VS 2017 for TinyCLR 1.0 and I will install the 2.0 on VS 2019 (Prof Edition)

I didn’t receive the boards yet, (currently in transit between Chicago and Belgian customs) so I can’t test but I see that there is a new version for the TinyClr config.
Can I use the last version for both 1 and 2 ?


We really didn’t test any 1 with 2 support and didn’t want to hinder any progress by supporting backwards compatibility. If you need both then consider using a virtual machine. Otherwise things way or nay not work and we do not recommend it.

Is that old English you have picked up on your travels :laughing:

Lol. I am trying

backwards compatibility is effectively hard to maintain. It is not that I really want to keep both, just try to use the old boards for some small projects.
i will install tinyclr 1 on my surface and keep tinyclr 2 on my desktop, that will avoid any potential issues
thanks for the clarification

Great then use netmf for that please

This may effectively be a better option !
By the way, I saw that there are extra cool boards coming … hope soon

Correct since netmf has everything and so does TinyCLR 2.0.

I will go for it. I Imagine all needed info for installing can be found on the old site. but priority remains TinyClr 2 for sure :slight_smile:

They are on the new docs as well. You really should take a look at the new docs

Good !. I started already to look at (but so far, I went directly to 2.0 … waiting for the board to arrive… I received my wifi 7 and network click and ordered the camera).
Currently, I have to learn ASP Net Core MCV for developing Web app, continue developing Net Desktop app during the day and discovering TinyClr in the evening. I will be busy for a while :slight_smile: