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Tiny CLR hardware support


I’m still looking for a way to port an old MF appliance based on G120 to TinyCLR OS. The appliance require a physical ethernet connector. Is there any driver support yet for physical ethernet in TinyCLR?

Also the current board is using the ENC28 chip on SPI similar to the old FEZ cobra board but i would rather use the RMII device built into the G120 so i’m particulary intereseted in any of those


Are you designing a new hardware or using an existing one? You can add PHY to G120 buy the recommended approach would be to use G120E which already has Ethernet PHY built in.

We are working on Ethernet support but it is not available yet. Get in touch with us directly if you have an immediate need or check back in a couple of weeks for further announcements please.


Ok thanks!
Do you have a timeframe for physical ethernet support and an incling as to which devices will be supported.

As i mentioned our current design is based on ENC28J60 and runs MF so it’s highly interesting to have support for that particular old device. That would allow us to move our current platform to TinyCLROS as well.

We have already bought a stack of G120 back in 2016 so i believe we might want to use these, i will certainly take a look at G127E though


Then simply use ENC28 like you did before.

Nothing that I can share publicly on the forum but we can always jump on the phone and discuss a plan.