Tiny booter update

I have read a few other posts but nothing really helps me. I have been going around in circles for hours trying everything every which way.
I have followed this page : https://www.ghielectronics.com/support/.net-micro-framework
and got a message that that could not update the tinybooter which led me to another page that told me to install teraterm.
The instruction for that said to click serial and the select com3 but it would not let me select serial at all so I am stuck.
please help!!

I am really sorry, the instructions are maybe not that clear, but please try again, reading them really carefully. I dont think they say you should choose com3, but watch out for the correct port first time the driver loads, and then choose that one instead.

Try again!

Hi there, you’ll also need to tell us what mainboard you’re using, because the instructions are specific to each board.

One tip though, TeraTerm reads what ports are available ONLY when you first start it. So if you haven’t booted into the loader mode before you start TeraTerm, then you won’t be able to select the serial port option. You can always open Device Manager as well, so you can see what device appears to make sure you have pressed the loader button correctly.

I thought for EMX based boards to update tinybooter you needed teraterm, the GHI updater doesnt do tinybooter.

Like me! I also used TeraTerm for this update, but maybe not for the next couple of Spiders that need new TinyBooter…

Thanks all for the replies. I dont think i have my spider plugged in when i tried it so will give that a go.
Its a FEZ Spider board on tiny booter 1.7.6 (I think will check again when i am home)
Thanks again

Lol found the fex spider updater. seems to be working. thanks for the help :smiley: