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Their products looks so familiar


Awesome! Lol


This is my favorite


OMG! not shields again!!!


40 Euro 50 for a DC brick capable of running one brushed motor?


I saw this stuff someplace else recently (I forget where), and my first thought was…meh.

Not into the stacking “shield/brick” model, though I think it’s cool that others are looking at the modular model.

One thing that did catch my eye was this:

Linear potentiometer would be a very cool module to have…


Linear pot Gadgeteer module would be a good module and it is easy to design. Let see what linear pots are available.


Think we can come up with enough modules to design a gadgeteer version of this? Pete could consult on the project :slight_smile:


I’d like to see a digital pot module.


@ ransomhall

Nah…that Korg is WAY too big. Something more like this (my podcasting and general digital recording rig…I used it to record the piano recordings at


Haven’t seen Pete for awhile. He must be busy with Silverlight 5 book. ;D


I think the book is done. He must be on his book tour now :wink:


Way too expensive and totally not looking cool. :smiley: