Timing couldn't be any better, thanks Devin

Just starting a new project and up comes the FedEx truck with the latest order from GHI, timing couldn’t have been better as this project was just begging for a Reaper mainboard. Also taking better note of Devin’s name on the packaging, thanks Devin.

So Devin simply just says hello and now all of a sudden he starts getting credit, man, what has happened to this forum! 8)

All hail the Devin!

This is the first time I have ever said this but you are now on a list! :whistle:

@ Gary - How do you keep track of all these lists? Do you have a spread sheet or an SQL Database or something.

My mind is a steel trap and I remember everything! Now, what list were you talking about again?

@ Gary - Er… :slight_smile: The list of people who get free samples of the latest GHI products; silly.


“I was born with a photographic memory - but I ran out of film when I was four.”


I got an envelope today with Devin’s name on it! Devin be praised!

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