Timer register from USBizi to EMX

I have the following code running on USBizi which give me a timer resolution at 1ms.

                _t2TC = new Register(0xE0070008);
                pclksel1 = new Register(0xE01FC1AC);
                t2pr = new Register(0xE007000C);
                pconp = new Register(0xE01FC0C4);
                t2tcr = new Register(0xE0070004);

            pconp.SetBits(0x400000);    // Power on
            pclksel1.ClearBits(0x300);  //CCLK/4
            t2pr.Write(18000);  // 1ms / count     
            t2tcr.SetBits(0x1); // Start Timer2


but when I run it on EMX the timer count doesn’t increase.

Have any got a clue what could be the difference between the two MCU’s??

It uses two different CPUs so the registers might have changed.