TimeoutException in Micro .net


i didnt find this exception (TimeoutException ) in micro .net.

i want it for something like this:
(i want to catch specific exception, i confiured the read timeout for 60 seconds)

            rS232.serialPort.WriteLine("Init Ready");
            rS232.serialPort.Read(initBuffer, 0, INIT_PACKET_SIZE);
        catch (TimeoutException e)
            rS232.serialPort.WriteLine("Init failed");

am i miss something? can i use other exception for this timeout…

Try to catch all exceptions

catch (Excepotion ex)

Then set a breakpoint in the catch block and see what exception you get on a timeout.

There is no timeout exception in netmf serial ports. There’s a work item on codeplex you can go find and vote up if you like.


Does it throw a regular Exception?

No, no exception. Just falls out of the read.