Time waits for no man

Wow, where has everything gone? I worked on a few projects using a FEZ Domino and a FEZ mini. I returned to the forums (after at least 2 years) to see what’s new in the “small sized” development platforms and… the devices are discontinued :open_mouth:

So, what is the recommended system that is small and comparable to the FEZ mini, or the FEZ Cerb40 etc. these days.

Any information on what happened would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:


//TC :think:

Cerb40 is available https://www.ghielectronics.com/catalog/category/34

Thanks @ Gus, what happened to all the others (FEZ Domino, Mini, Panda, etc)? (Curb40 II :wink: nice!)

Whats the smallest system you do at the mo? :slight_smile:

Our smallest system would be the Cerb40 line.

Sparkfun Stull sends panda if you need one or more.

If you check the resources on the new system s the old ones and the available Software you will like the new ones more. For example, Cerb family support graphics and Ethernet, the old systems didn’t have enough resources for that.