Time to spare? see - "Old Tandy Model 100" - TearDown Video

I came across this video… Wow things have changed… wonder if I should go for that FEZsquared through hole board… :smiley:

enjoy :wink:


That is a good one! ;D

Loved it, especially the chips upside down :slight_smile:

Now, it scares me to think that what we have now will be stupid in 30 years. Will we have a 3ghz fez by then? Maybe that in 3 years not in 30!!!

Yeah, those up sidedown chips are neat. :slight_smile:

These pre-robot automation days are going to be funny in 20yrs :smiley:

I still have DOS 2.01 on 3.5 floppy :smiley:

In 30 yrs the FEZs will be telling us what to do… Not really looking forward to it. :frowning:

I learned to program on a TRS-80, complete with audio cassette storage!

Wow, that takes me back, my first computer was a Tandy Color Computer II (CoCo) and I also had the Color Computer III with a Whopping 512K of RAM (After the upgrade of course :wink: ). I actally still have both though I have not tried to turn them on in a number of years, can’t stand the thought of throwing away the very computers that got me into programming in the first place…they have MORE than paid for themselves ;D

Me too. In those days, our local Tandy shop organized every Saturday a programming course of 2 hours. Where are those days gone? Now Tandy doesn’t exist anymore.