Time to refresh brochures a little bit

G120, G400: power consumption: still [em]TBD[/em]!
G400: [em]preview only, subject to change[/em] on every page (I guess previews are over);
G120: EMX is shown as a Gadgeteer board (I’d expect something with G120. It’s not an EMX brochure, after all)

All documentation and website product description and specification are under work. We also need manuals for these SoMs :slight_smile:

This new “specification” feature we just added is very cool and will help in comparing things.

Thanks for the reminder.

@ Gus - Did I miss something? What is meant by “This new “specification” feature …”?

@ jasdev - every product has a new specification tab that has some very useful info and those can be used for comparing products. This is a beta in progress feature.

Thanks Gus, but I tried several products, and I did not see the Specifications tab.

It is only visible to admins till we compete the data but you can see this for example https://www.ghielectronics.com/catalog/comparison/297

@ Gus - Ok, thanks. I’m looking forward to seeing it when it’s done.