Time for a better Camera Module?

Perhaps its time for a higher resolution camera module and a tad more reliable as well (no more half pictures etc) and if I really start dreaming perhaps a better focusing scheme? Price point maybe $75?


Indeed! And some ir-light for pictures in the Dark.

@ Duke Nukem -
Programmable focus, ball turret, night vision and IR

Guess that ups the $75 a bit

:slight_smile: and what else I would be doing in this cold wether? We have about 20 cameras that we are evaluating now.

I hope only UHD 3D IR 3x 1" CCD auto focus cameras :wink:
Edit: I forgot: 60fps progressive, global shutter in sugar cube form factor

@ Gus - I would like to put in my request for a camera with clothes penetrating capabilities.

@ Mike - Now that is going to make for an interesting “Where was Mike” photo… :slight_smile:

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did you see there is an new Cmucam called Pyxi coming out soon?
cf : Pixy (CMUcam5): a fast, easy-to-use vision sensor by Charmed Labs and Carnegie Mellon — Kickstarter


@ taylorza - Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!
@ Mike - No offense intended.

@ Gregg - Well, since you do not know me, the only offense you could have taken from my comment is where your mind took you… :naughty:

STM32 has a DCMI peripheral… It can use cheap (~$15) high resolution cameras. The support would have to be built into the firmware, difficult, but it’s not impossible. It would beat the pants off of pretty much any serial or usb camera, at a fraction of the cost.

Who am I to make any comment about what is interesting to someone else. :think:

Joke aside, I have had several applications of the existing GHI cam - where the results where not as good as hoped for.

For alarm/intruder detection there is often a need for higher sensitivity and the application of extra light.

For my animal projects, there is lots of animals moving at night, and that also requires a higher resolution to identify animals and light that does not scare animals (IR).

For student/demo projects that quality of the image is “not impressive”, sharpness is a challenge, and colors does not match reality.

And lastly, people often ask “can I have it take a video-sequence?”. Which in many of my applications would be nice. But not a requirement.


It looks like STM32F405 processor don’t suport DCMI. :frowning:

STM32F405xx STM32F407xx datasheet chapter 2.2.32:
The camera interface is not available in STM32F405xx devices.

… if you were going to do this you’d be using the newer F42x or 43x family processors… sure, it wouldn’t be a universal module but it’d be a solution

then you can do what this guy? did Pervy TOILET CAMERA disguised as 'flash drive' sparks BOMB SCARE on Boeing 767 • The Register