Time flies when you're having fun

Six years today since I have joined this wonderful community. :open_mouth:

First year of “monkeying” around:


Wow yes time goes by very quickly when having fun.

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That’s a lot of bananas!

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@ Architect - A little more context would be great. Looks interesting…

@ njbuch - What do you mean?

I think he means what is it showing and how did you make it?

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It’s fun to see !

As Rajesh pointed out I have used Gource.io to visualize my posts for the first year on this forum.
Gource is designed to use various source control logs to show “real time” (you can control the time) activity.
You can also feed data via it’s Custom Log Format.

Few lines of code crawled GHI’s forum pages and extracted information of all my posts:

1287143280|Architect|A|$/Community/Forum/Archive/RTC DS1307 uploaded to Fezzer.com/13802
1287147060|Architect|A|$/Community/Forum/Archive/VS and Micro Framework not playing nice/13814
1287154320|Architect|A|$/Community/Forum/.NET Micro Framework/DIY FEZ Domino/13846
1287154920|Architect|A|$/Community/Forum/Archive/Porting arduino libraries/13847
1287158400|Architect|A|$/Community/Forum/.NET Micro Framework/Panda confusion.../13853
1287158880|Architect|A|$/Community/Forum/.NET Micro Framework/Panda confusion.../13855

Everything else is Gource.

I have replaced default user.png and file.png

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Cool, thanks for info!