Tile engine Support in the "yet to be named game engine framework"

As part of the original Mini Pacman “Game” I had factored some of the code out into the semblance of a game engine. Since then I have been working on a few other projects, but they are a little bigger so when I need a break I play with this engine. Yesterday I decided to start adding support for tile based scenes and I was quite surprised with the performance I was able to get using purely managed code, no RLP.

Here is a quick video, I am controlling the scrolling using the Joystick module and the speed scales with the position of the joystick.


I think Skewworks got a competitor! :smiley:

Very nice!

he does indeed…
really nice performance…


With so many people working on game stuff for NETMF I get the feeling if we all just teamed up it’d be done already.

hmm maybe if you guys started one of those Secret Forum Topics and start talking…

@ Skewworks - I agree, unfortunately I am just able to toy around with the stuff. Mostly I consider myself a weekend warrior when it comes to .NETMF, but if there is every anything that you think I can help with I would be glad to help, right now I am just enjoying the tinkering when I get a gap.

When I get sometime I will clean-up the code and put together a sample game and commit the code to Codeplex. The game loop is also significantly reworked, it now has two modes, run flat out as fast as possible or fixed rate for which you can specify a target frame rate. This later mode is nice when you start implementing physics engines as the update phase is more stable in this mode.