Ticks and timing errors

I’m using a fez domino and panda. I am measuring a 1hz signal generated with a signal generator. When I reboot the fez, I sometimes get a pulse width of about a million ticks, then other times/ I get about 7% more ticks.

It seems the clock generator boots up with one or the other clock speeds.

I’m measuring the clock by polling the pin using the wait command so it should be pretty accurate… I’ll post a code snippit later. I discovered this by trying to measure a pwm signal and was having a heck of a time calibrating it.

Has anyone else experienced a similar phenomenon

NETMF is not realtime, to measure your signal accurately, you need to use InterruptPort.

This project reads a remote control pulse and decodes it.Take a look microframeworkprojects.com

Cool. Anyone know what circuit designer that is?