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Threadneedle on #WearableWednesday


Fresh off of the Adafruit RSS feed:

[quote]Based on the GHI Cerb 40 the Threadneedle is designed specifically for prototyping wearable electronics using the full power of the Cerberus firmware and the .NetMF platform
Power can be switched between USB (whilst developing) or battery by using the 2 pin JST for use when sewn into clothing.

All capabilities are the same as the GHI Cerb 40 with one exception, the USB Host pins have been removed as they are currently not supported with the open source firmware and save some space to allow for sizeable sewing holes.[/quote]


@ mhectorgato - WOW! i never thought i would see that :). Thanks for the update :dance:


They brought it up in the live video as well – starting at about 5:15 in, and then a mention before the Q&A at about 19:00.

Full video:

Link to where they start about the Threadneedle:


@ HughB that is awesome and definitely counts as a score.


Another mention during “Ask an Engineer”

This time, Hugh gets props on his PCB design! About 24 minutes in.

Adafruit is a big Arduino and Pi/Beaglebone shop, so she is a bit meh about Net, but he gives props.


Congrats, HughB! Not a lot of love from the gals but Phil seems to be a fan. I’d get one in the mail to him. Maybe he’ll build something with it and feature it again. :slight_smile:


Thanks Guys :slight_smile:
@ ianlee74 - I’m planning on doing exactly that. Becky needs to get her .Nemf on :dance: