Threadneedle Build run

Im going to be doing a build run next week of threadneedle boards.
If anyone wants one just let me know and i will make sure yours gets allocated.
Ive got 50 boards but only 20 STM’s so its first come first served.

Count me in.

I have just tried to use the form on your creation page and got this back from GHI

Mail delivery failed: returning message to sender
SMTP error from remote mail server after RCPT TO:<hb…@ …

Did you put the right e-mail?

To really make that a wearable board you need to put it on a flexible PCB with one of these :slight_smile:

@ Architect - that’s weird just looked at it and the email is right.
Ping me direct hbourne at me dot com. See if it bounces then :wink:

@ ianlee74 - I did plan on a flexi pcb but the tooling costs alone were ridiculous

@ HughB - Sent

Just checked the email in the submission form and its correct.

Must be a bug on creations page. Try send me something through one of the forms on my creations.

@ Architect - just sent via submit

It worked.

Can you try mine again?
Edit: looks like creations doesnt like sending me emails :frowning:
For the moment please send orders direct to
hbourne at me dot com

Tried G-Imp just now.

It seems the GHI email system hates me. Its blocking any emails sent to me from creations. it obviously doesnt like (cr)Apples mail domain.

All fixed now. Order away :smiley: