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Thread.Start() exception



I am getting a thread.Start exception using V4.1 on Fez Cobra, any ideas?
I run 4 separate threads this way, I have a watchdog that can call Start()
to restart the thread if need be - but this error occurs on first pass at startup.

   public  bool Start()
            bool bRet = false;
                if (P.APPL.moThread == null)
                    //start thread main, use bContinue semaphore to stop it
                    P.APPL.moThreadMain = new ThreadStart(Do);
                    P.APPL.moThread = new Thread(P.APPL.moThreadMain);

                if (!P.APPL.moThread.IsAlive)            <<<<<< Thread.IsAlive is False
                    P.APPL.moThread.Start();            <<<<<<< Exception generated here
                bRet = true;
            catch (Exception Ex)
                DBG.Print("A.Start(), Ex=" + Ex.ToString());
            return bRet;


The problem is the thread actually starts, ans IsAlive goes True!


The code you are showing has nothing to do with the Instantiation of a FileStream object, which the stack trace and exception indicate. The exception is telling you the file does not exist.


Ahhh, problem must be in the thread that was started! Thanks Mike